Holding a Microphone


To create, teach and perform in order to inspire and help others to escape the everyday



Starred Productions was created by owner Zoe Haller to share her passion and love for performance and entertainment with others. Zoe found her love and passion for performance at a young age and since then has gone on to work for several well know entertainment companies, whilst always continuing to develop and learn new skills along the way. Her passion and enthusiasm is at the heart of everything we do, from high quality shows to wedding dance lessons, we aim to inspire our customers and clients to love the various aspects of entertainment and performance as much as we do.

Our company believes that in a fast-moving world it’s always important for us to continue to grow as a business and as people by learning new skills and new ways to deliver our entertainment and shows. We enjoy creativity, new ideas and always look to add our own unique touch to what we do, either by making experiences personalised to our clients and customers or adding that bit of extra magic to our shows, children’s entertainment and experiences. We believe that creating and keeping the magic of performance is key to our shows and for our customers and clients to enjoy for years to come.

Starred Productions prides itself on its professionalism and in offering accessible and inclusive experiences for all.