Teaching important life skills through performing arts.



We offer various educational arts all of which can be tailored to your school or organisations needs. We have adapted all of our current services to virtual services meaning children can still take part in the educational arts whilst maintaining social distancing.



Dance teaches children lots of important skills such as motor sensory, communication, confidence and more. Most importantly for us at the moment dance helps teach children spacial awareness and how to maintain distance when moving through the space. 
At Starred Productions we understand at this time you may want to avoid external teachers at your school so we have come up with our virtual lessons which provide the same quality lessons you'd experience as if we where there in person.
We teach various styles of dance, a few examples include various cultural dance such as Chinese, Indian, African etc, contemporary, street dance, fitness and early years movement.
All of our lessons start with explaining the type of dance, where it originates or key movements as well as facts about the style or culture. This is followed by the step by step teaching of a dance to the class, just as we would if we where there teaching in person.
Once you have chosen your lesson style or culture we will pre-record it so it can be accessed through our website for simple and easy use.
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We find that story reading is a great way to entertain children whilst teaching them different skills. Our virtual story reading sessions are great for teachers to use during PPA time and useful to play during breaks in which teachers may be needing to oversee hand washing or change classrooms.
Our virtual story reading sessions vary depending on your schools needs. We either read stories of your choice or from our wide selection whilst encouraging interaction or listening from pupils.
We also offer story workshops which encourage children to be creative in finishing off stories with their own alternative endings, again all virtually with easy access to your videos through our website.


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Children Singing in a Choir

"An arts education helps build academic skills and increase academic performance, while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently"

Gavin Newsom